About Us

Site For A Dollar

Site For A Dollar is a growing platform service which offers high quality website templates worldwide for $1 only. Our target audience are freelance web developers, freelance graphic designers and SEO experts.

Any customer who uses Site For A Dollar may be able to download the web template such as Hipstaz or Hubble, onto their computer and use their own software to edit the front-end code ( a combination of HTML, CSS, JS) and edit all the features on their web template including the images, font, colours, logo and create or add on icons and features. Site For A Dollar guarantees their customers high quality design, coding and documentation.





1. You browse through the selection of web template themes

2. You will pay $1, download and access your own personal dashboard

3. You can then download front-end code files to edit and make further customisations, adjusting the features and adding their own font, colours, images etc.





All the templates are 100% optimised for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and because of it’s well documented coding, customising and reusing is made easy for all our clients. This online service offers 100% fully secure web development that ensures all customers will have a safe and secure website.

In the $1 price, this service offers a license for three downloads for the purchased template. These web templates are created to suit different small corporate and self-employed businesses, organisations and industries that need to refresh the look of the web page or create a new one.

Site For A Dollar offers website templates that are completely responsive to all the latest mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and desktop PC’s. All the templates are also compatible with the latest versions of all the browsers and can be updated and implemented to fit any existing system and has a unique and original design.

Site For A Dollar will also offer good Search Engine Optimisation for customers which will make the web pages Google-friendly which means the customer’s website’s content information will appear straight away in the Google search engine results when any of the keywords are entered.





The target audience for Site For A Dollar are as follows:

70% freelance web developers

15% freelance graphic designers

15% freelance SEO experts

Each web template has a different appearance and purpose to suit all the styles and requirements of every freelance web developer and graphic designer.





  • Offering our customers a quality product at a very low price with a highly flexible and client friendly service.

  • Quality service offered by following the process to make the service available to all worldwide audiences.

  • Full optimisation for minimum loading time, performance and SEO score.

  • Insure security code.

  • High performance back-end system.

  • Keep the development technologies and frameworks up to date.

  • Study and keep the UI and UX systems up to date.





Site For A Dollar aims to reach an audience and provide a service where anyone will be able to edit the web template without having to access the front-end code and have accesses to all the features with the ability to edit and customize each one of them on the Site For A Dollar dashboard.We take inspiration from well known IT experts to improve their online service as much as possible with a quality-first approach. We ensure innovative, thought through web templates and aim to research and study each feature that we offer before publishing it online. We aim to include all the essential details to each web page feature to have full customer impact. Our ideas are intuitive, good looking, compact, up to date, stable and secure.





There is an extensive list of all the web page features that the Site For A Dollar service offers including functional image holding slideshows, worthwhile sub headings and contains well documented and up to date HTML code for the entire web page, that is compatible with Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress making each feature fully editable for any web developer, graphic designer or SEO expert to adjust.

The features for most of the web page templates including Hipstaz, Vikter and Hubble include meet the team profile with detailed descriptions, image placeholders for stunning photo galleries, browse through portfolios, pricing trackers, social icon set, clients feedback sections, up to date blog posts, a grid system with full box-layout and fully functional footers. On some web templates such as Hipstaz there is also a contact location page with Google maps with API integrated.

Apart from coming with a clear well explained code for web developers, the web page templates also adapt to fit the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. All the web template designs are creative, stylish and original. It also has W3C validation making it easy to customise. It is fast loading, extremely easy to setup and adaptable to all colour versions.