The Darwin website template theme is the perfect elaborate web page for any business. It has many strong and useful features.

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The Darwin website template theme is the perfect elaborate web page for any business. It has many strong and useful features that are excellent for advertising your company and making it well known to the world. The Darwin template has clean code made with HTML5 and CSS3 and has a great potential to reach to as many clients as possible as it is 100% responsive meaning it can adapt to any smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. It’s unique design was created in Photoshop and it’s organic structure was made with well known and fully tested Content Management Systems such as Javascript, Jquery and PHP. If you're a web developer the features from these html templates will test your IT skills and expand your horizons because it offers you a chance to edit, adjust or add all the features you need to your suited desire.

Core Features

  • Strong title, subtitle and header
  • About Me feature
  • My resume section
  • My works - featured projects
  • Services section
  • Counter feature
  • Contact Information
  • Navigation links
  • Footer


  • It is fast loading
  • Has an eminent and outstanding design
  • It is adaptable to all colour versions
  • Has a Grid System and is easy to customize
  • Has W3C Validation
  • It is SEO optimized
  • It is 100% schematized with safe and secure HTML
  • Compatible with Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress
  • Adapted to fit the latest version of the Bootstrap framework
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari
  • Comes with clear clean code for web developers to be able to edit and add features

Title, Subtitle and Header

This html template feature contains a bold title, excellent subtitle and main image displayed in full image resolution with 100% responsiveness and you can even receive a free website templates download.

About Me feature

All our wordpress themes have an About Me feature that contains information about you, the business owner. It has a personal profile where any web developer can insert their name and occupation such as photographer or graphic designer. The personal profile section also includes a place where you are able to insert your birthday date, business website address, phone number and email address. It also includes a section named Story where you may enter information about your business origin and purpose.

About Me

My Resume

As a web developer you are able to edit this section and add even more information about yourself and your commercial business. With this template you are able to enter information about your education and employment as well as the start and finishing date and a detailed description.


My Works

This displays featured projects from your commercial business and features a variety of navigation buttons and links such as View All, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development. There is an extensive image gallery where each individual image enlarges to a full box layout view and has its own detailed description.



This feature displays what the work is all about and has four main icons each one with a specific purpose. These four icons are Research, Wireframes, Design/code and Finished Product. If you're a web developer this feature will fulfill your needs and expand your creative abilities because it offers you a chance to change the names of all the icons with HTML code.



This feature counts the amount of completed projects, has a street photography icon, calculates the percentage of positive feedbacks for your business on your very own web page template, it has a graphic design icon, calculates the client ratings for your web page and has a special timing icon.


Contact Me

This is the contacts page and includes all the necessary information where you are able to edit the web page template and insert your name, email, subject and message. It also includes an area where you can enter your business location and business address so that your customers will be able to find where you are straight away! You can also enter your business website address and phone number.


Navigation Links

This feature includes more than eight different icons to connect you with social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Keep your simple website templates with fresh content and up to date with all the latest versions of icons, links and features we have to offer!


This feature displays the template designs logo and all the necessary copyright information for your website. The Darwin template is well documented with excellent client connectivity and it’s website designs are expressive, elementary and totally impressionable.


This css template has a high performance rate and is ideal for any web developer or small business owner who wants to create a website to advertise their business and create a marketing scheme online. If this is you, this is a great place to start.

* Please note images are for preview and are not included in the final package *