G Shop

GShop is an awesome e-commerce website template ideal to start any website related to shopping, selling, fashion and wholesale business. 

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GShop is an e-commerce website template ideal to start any website related to shopping, selling and fashion. It is a very strong website template created with user-freindly, quality and useful features. The HTML layout is based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework. The GShop website template has been styled using HTML5 and CSS3. Use this awesome clean and modern template to bring your business online. You can use this web template to create online shop to sell shoes, clothes or any product and it offers a professional look which can take your online business to the next level. This website template has many functionalities to show off your products such as new items added to your store or sale items. GShop offers expansive views of all the latest products photos with an excellent lucid layout.

Overall this HTML website template offers genuine quality and caters for items you need to advertise online with 100% optimization and is fully schematized to fit any online system. It is also completely adaptable to any electronic device and works to fit into any browser such as Google Chrome and Safari. It has a defined speech quote section and a gorgeous landscape design. It has a basic two-part fit that presents the best symbol items and high-tech components that are up to standard and ready to use for any business owner or web developer. Receive all your latest feedback from your customers by taking advantage of all our up-to-date specialities. GShop offers genuine quality website designs with uplifting tweets and prominent blog posts. It has all the fully developed Front-End and Back-End system modifications that can be edited once you have downloaded this optimal HTML template.

Core Features

Fully Responsive Design
Ecommerce Website
HTML5 and CSS3
Clean and Modern Design
Based on Bootstrap
Advanced Headers
Featured works
Clear-cut Image Gallery
Blog Posts
Latest tweets and Categories
Mega Footer


This aspect of the HTML template represents a bold title, worthwhile eight tab menu, language option, official login, company name and logo. There are two menu icons with a shopping cart icon displaying the number of products purchased and nice looking little heart icon showing the number of likes. There is a bright background image and more than five different social media icons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the top of the menu bar and more can be added if you simply edit the clean html code on your very own template.

Header Photo

eatured Works and Blog Posts

This facet of the website design templates contains featured product names, images and prices with the selection of best selling range of products and all your latest blog posts with the heading, description and number of comments for each post.


Image Gallery

This new self-assured element of the template displays a variety of images in an image gallery where your customers can view your favourite business products. This shockingly descriptive factor has all it’s own separate categories with all your new arrivals, product name and product price. Get ready to display your brand new store online and edit each image and description using our clean coded html.


Blog Posts

Enjoy well-made blog posts neatly divided in two parts where you can see two clear 100% perfect and full resolution images with welcoming headers, site descriptions and a fancy icon with the number of comments received. Appreciate all the added details and all the extensive aspects of this blog section.


Latest Tweets

Appreciate all the latest speech quotes about your business and enjoy top quality tweets from all your customers. There are many vivacious comments on a black overlay background and three awesome looking symbols with the date it was posted.

Latest Tweets


This feature represents the end of the web page template where you can add in extra business contact information including valuable data by editing the clean html code. Experience and appreciate all the imaginative icons G Shop has to offer. This is only one of our wide collection of creative CSS templates that contains all the necessary business information including customer service, account and newsletter information with a navigation bar showing the email address, the company logo and business copyright information.

GShop is the perfect HTML e-commerce template to take your business to the next level. It offers a clean and modern design with a professional look.

* Please note images are for preview and are not included in the final package *