Hubble is an updated website template that offers quality to all it's customers and is 100% mobile friendly. 

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Hubble is one of the most interesting multipurpose wordpress themes for small creative design businesses. It is 100% mobile friendly which means that you’re website responsiveness has full phone support. You have you’re own portfolio with featured works and you can even browse through the contacts page. If you’re a keen web developer and know how to read and manage clean html code you can edit the features on the templates yourself! Hubble offers a place where you can advertise your company online and get positive feedback from all your online customers. It is fully customisable and gives full support for all search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is also adaptable to all browsers including Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Enjoy this all round fantastic template website with awesome font icons, clean code, retina ready with a simple easy-to-read layout and perfectly SEO optimized. We have all the right team members to help you to get your business online which will help you attract your online business customers to your web page template.

Core Features

  • Outstanding Headers
  • Creative Design Content
  • Project Outline
  • Info Panel
  • Spanned out display
  • Counter
  • Portfolio and Comment Tracker
  • Contacts Page
  • Social media icons


This colourful element of the Hubble website template gives an overall pleasing impression displaying five different tabs on a fully customized menu with tabs such as ‘Home’, ‘Blog’ and ‘Services’ and more. A bold title resonates universal expansion and is pleasing to the eye. Enjoy a full window view of this glorious header image with an appropriate logo and gracious template name displayed on the top left of the main menu.

Creative Design Content

Discover four helpful multipurpose theme icons that present four different key symbols representing topics such as positive feedbacks and full support with high-level descriptions for each. Every symbol has it’s own Read all icon displayed in a simple structured horizontal layout.

Project Outline

A joyful display of a photo grid with editorials for each topic. Enjoy all the editable headers, subtitles, small descriptions and all the available ‘Go to Project’ navigation buttons. Each display on the photo grid has a light grey background with fascinating image quality. Experiment with all your creative web development skills by editing this website template and adding all the necessary adjustments to your simple website templates to enhance your web page and make your business look better for your online customers.

Info Panel

Experiment with all the different adjustments you can make using our clean html templates and discover ready to use symbols, bright icons, web page template descriptions divided up into eight different sections clearly presented in a wide horizontal grid format.

Section Two Features

Spanned Out Display

In this small spanned out layout display there is a small description and Learn More option accompanied by a large scaled image to the right. There is also a fully editable heading and a subheading describing the topic and all the appropriate business information.



This polished feature gives you an idea of how many completed projects there are on the web page, how many positive feedbacks there are in percentage, the amount of star ratings and the number of code lines written. Enjoy the calm feeling of the black overlay displayed with a light background image and a structured grid layout with each digit neatly divided up into it’s appropriate section.


Portfolio and Comment Tracker

View the well-documented portfolio component showing featured works and a short centered business description with its corresponding image gallery slideshow. Below your image gallery is a professional looking profile image of a team member with a vivacious speech quote, author's name, occupation and a circular symbol navigator. Flick through your very own quotes mentioning all the latest news using the arrows on the left and right side of your quote display.


Contacts Page and Social Media Icons

Enjoy the contacts page on our fashionable and well-lit template designs. Hubble offers a full scale navigation map with tremendous capabilities including the business location identified with an orange navigator bubble. You can have a choice place to present all your professional business information. This feature includes navigation bars such as name, email and message box with a Send Message button. At the very end of your CSS templates you will find the footer with it’s extravagant specialities such as social media icons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on a black background. Use all the social media icons we have to offer, each one has it’s famous simplistic symbol and at the bottom of your footer you have the copyright information of the web page template.


* Please note images are for preview and are not included in the final package *