Twisted web template is a very creative, elegant and professional feel with its theme layout suitable for small businesses, photographers and consultancy agency.

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Twisted is an elementary web page template with editorial sections, full resolution images, elaborate quotes, bold subtitles and high-tech menus. The Twisted template will get you into an expensive twist if you decide to add extra features to your template so we have made a free way out for you! You can edit the clean html code on your website templates and add all your own business info and any extra features. All our HTML templates are up to date with the latest web standards with HTML5 and CSS3 that are both SEO optimized with valid markup. Get ready to experience this efficient template where you can view a neat professional layout, read all the written content and view ecstatic images on any device including all smartphones, tablets and desktop PC’s. Twisted is a steady-going web page template that will encourage all your online business customers to be drawn to your website. This website template offers favourable dynamic with it’s ability to fit any online browser including Google Chrome and Firefox. It is adaptable to most Content Management Systems such as Drupal and Wordpress.


Centred Headers
Elaborate articles
Twitter Posts
Brief Quotes
Facts About You
Services Pricing
Featured projects
Contacts page


This glamorous header presents various aspects including a helpful tab menu, a bold centered title in white typography on a black overlay background image and the Twisted CSS templates logo. This striking element of the template is the best way you can present your web page template to all your online business customers. Twisted uses brown and grey tones on the menu bar to give your website a gentle, down-to-earth feel and attract as many customers as possible to your website.



This facet of the template website displays an editorial article centered with perfect even spacing and margins on each side. Your web template is best described in three even paragraphs with professional-looking font and a fine structure.


Twitter Posts

In this item you will find three fancy hexagonal shaped image frames with the name and occupation of the author.  Below the main header and subtitle you will find three centred business descriptions with the name of the author and a cute little twitter icon.

TeamBrief Quotes

The Twisted template displays a large orange gleaming speech quote with a grand quote, the author's name, a genuine side image, an interesting Facts About Us section with three appealing mini icons showing the number of users who like your web page.


Services Pricing

This elegant speciality of the web page template offers an area where your product pricing appears with the amount of GB available, the number of twitter posts, the number of minutes and mail support. It also has a gleaming orange subscribe button and here you can present all your premium deals and starter packs!

Featured Projects

Here you can find the ideal featured projects and six lively different menu options each with it’s own subtitle name. If you are a web developer you can insert your own web gallery images into the neatly organised spaces under the web image gallery heading.


Contacts Page

In this original component of the web page template you will find a ‘Get In touch With Us’ section on a black overlay where customers can click through the transparent button ‘Start Your Project Today’. Your clients have a contacts section with each individual part divided up into it’s suitable component including name, email, subject and message. At the end of the contacts page is a black footer with more than ten stunning social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype and many more.

Contact Form


At the end of the contacts page is a black footer with more than ten stunning social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype and many more.


Twisted is for those who want their website with a professional and sophisticated look using this dark theme layout which is also responsive to fit all screen devices. This web template will give your website that serious look and will catch attention to the most important part of your site. A perfect way to display your photography or sell products.


* Please note images are for preview and are not included in the final package *